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Website Hosting Packages

We offer our clients hosting on our Managed Server. We believe in giving WordPress the power needed to run it effectively. So we offer advanced packages with the Maximum PHP memory allowed for a far lower price than that type of package usually costs.  We use PHP7 for all new sites and are in the process of upgrading older sites to this new version of PHP. We only do this for Clients who we build websites for. In fact we do not allow 3rd partly developers to host on our server as we are not a hosting company. We do this to keep our clients websites as secure as possible.

As hosting requires server space and bandwidth as well as the systems to run WordPress, your fees will be adjusted upwards as your sites grow, however we will always be more cost effective.

Our WordPress hosting fees are charged annually at a starting price of:

R 1,850

Domain Registration fees are also applicable with the hosting fees and depend of the domain required

 Between R 189 and R 289.

Domain registrations are debited from our bank account meaning your domain is safe from accidental non payment or late payments.

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