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WordPress! The Most Popular and Versatile Web Platform

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Uncategorised

Welcome to my Pixelhouse Web Design Blog. Here I will discuss all things related to web design and development. I will also discuss marketing and advertising and how it can benefit your website and your business.

Here in 2018 a business without a website is at a distinct disadvantage. It is like a fashion store without a street shop front to attract those passing by. Display is everything to a business, no matter what your business is, that is if you want to compete with your competitors.

A website brings everything that your business is in one place accessible to all who find it. Without having to give elaborate explanations to a prospective client, you can simply hand over your business card and say “visit my website”. There they will find a reflection of your business.

Now having a website as a marketing and information tool, I am not saying any old website. It must reflect your business and it must both look good and also work well. I suppose if you are selling junk, then a junk website will do, however a nicely designed website that is user and mobile friendly will work wonders for your business. A well run and good looking site will tell prospective customers that you care about your business, that your business is also well run and your products or services are attractive. It will also tell them that you care for your cliental.

Our Pixelhouse Website has moved to the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most user friendly and versatile web platform. It has by far the greatest market share amongst Content Management Systems for this very reason. Generally speaking WordPress Themes follow the same structure and most will look very similar.

Consider the following images taken from the demo pages of two very popular themes on Themeforest – Avada Classic and Enfold. The images are of the blog section.


Note that despite the different styling, they are essentially the same in their default states. Both are very well designed with clean styling on white backgrounds. The theme I am using which is Divi in its default state also looks like this. That styling might be the ideal for your website, or it can be customised like this blog page that you are reading. This is what web developers do in WordPress, they customise the theme to suit the styling of your business.

The beauty of WordPress is that the business owner can, with a little training, manage, edit and add content themselves. So once the web developer has created the site to your liking, you will never have to depend on them to update your site, which means saving money.

So, if you are looking for a website, WordPress is the way to go, and I would love to build yours.

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